Algarve Microlight Flights


Our Algarve microlight flights offer you an experience like no other! Enjoy an exhilarating sense of adventure and truly breathtaking views of the landscape below. You’ll see the region as you’ve never seen it before! Enjoy the vivid blues of the sea and sky! The dramatic coastline and golden sandy beaches. View historic monuments and picturesque towns. Marvel at cliff tops and mountain sides and whitewashed villages nestling among citrus orchards.

Though at the moment we are not offering microlight flights, but we do have equally fun alternatives! Check out the links below for more details!

Alternatives to Algarve Microlight Flights

Paragliding – Jump off a cliff and enjoy the tranquility of our paragliding flights!

Paramotor – Strap yourself in for a motorized flight like no other! Soar the skies on one of our paramotors!

Skydiving – For those who want a bit of adrenaline, jump out of a plane with us! An experience of a lifetime!

Hot Air Balloon Flights – Hop into one of our hot air balloon baskets and enjoy gliding along the sky!

Scenic Cessna Flights – Dream of flying in a cessna aircraft? Come along with us and enjoy spectacular views of coast and land!