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Coastal Fishing in the Azores

fishing in Faial

Come fishing in the Azores island of Faial, one of the archipelago's more beautiful. Faial's coastline is particularly spectacular as it's volcanic past has left behind intriguing caves and dramatic rock formations. The seas around the island attract dolphins, whales and a wide variety of fish. Our fishing trips are designed to introduce you to the different fishing techniques and fish that are found in the Azores.

About Fishing in the Azores

On one of our fishing tours you will set out from Horta in an open boat for four to ten hours fishing along the Faial coastline accompanied by an expert, local guide. Our fishing tours are done in an open boat. We offer different types of fishing: bottom fishing, jigging, trawling and live bait fishing. There are a maximum of 6 people per tour so that the guide can offer individual attention and beginners and experienced fishers are welcome. Before you go we'll brief you about the tour and some of the species we expect to catch.

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Bottom Fishing
When you go bottom fishing the boat is anchored in different places where the water is 100 ft to 450 ft deep and the sea bed is rocky or mixed. You will be using a specially designed rod and reel with the bait prepared in advance. This type of fishing targets the demersal fish species, fish that prefer to live along the sea bed. You'll be hoping to catch Blacktail Comber, Common Seabream, Guelly jack, Forkbeard, Offshore Rockfish, Axillary Seabream, White Seabream, Chub Mackerel, Dusky Grouper and Largescaled Scorpionfish.

Although this can be included in bottom fishing, this type of fishing doesn?t need us to anchor the boat. It is done again where the sea is 100ft to 300ft deep and the bed is rocky or mixed. Jigging uses an artificial bait weighing between 50 g and 300 g, depending on the weather conditions and how deep we want to fish. The advantage of jigging is that it is possible to catch both pelagic and demersal species, meaning all the fish that you find from the sea bed right to the surface, without needing to change the technique. You'll be targeting Bluefish, Common Seabream, Yellowmouth Barracuda, Atlantic Bonito, Greater Amberjack, Largescaled Scorpionfish, Guelly Jack, Blacktail Comber and Dusky grouper.

To trawl we set the boat in very slow motion and use an artificial bait in coastal areas where the sea is 30 ft to 170 ft deep. You'll be fishing for Bluefish, Yellowmouth Barracuda, Atlantic Bonito, Skipjack Tuna and Chub Mackerel

Live Bait Fishing
For live bait fishing the boat is anchored at different depths so we can fish using rod and reel. This type of fishing targets pelagic fishes and to improve our chances we only go live bait fishing at the end of the day when the fish come out to feed. you'll be hoping for Yellowmouth Barracuda, Bluefish, Atlantic Bonito, Greater Amberjack and Guelly Jack
Please contact us for more information about fishing in the Azores

Want to Come Fishing in the Azores?

Our fishing packages include:
  • The boat, with a maximum of six guests and four rods aboard
  • An experienced, knowledgeable guide and skipper
  • A briefing before you set out
  • The use of all bait and fishing gear
  • 4 to 5 hours at sea (half day) or 9 to 10 hours (full day)
  • Insurance for this activity
  • Fishing licences
  • Lunch on full day trips

  • Due to the costs involved we charge a set price for the use of the boat not per person. So if you're travelling in a group you can have exclusive use of the boat or if you're travelling solo we'll try and find a group for you to join. A morning or afternoon fishing tour (4 to 5 hours) costs €250, a full day's fishing (9 to 10 hours) costs €450.

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