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Our most recent addition to our activities! If you’re looking for a fun way to relieve stress and release frustration, while having a good time, the Rage Room is for you! A room filled with with fully destructible objects of your choice, including a mannequin where we can put up a photo of your least favorite person!

Our Rage Rooms can be fully customized, covering an endless number of items ranging from single bottles to a bedroom/Office/kitchen … Basically everything you desire! Tv’s, computers, microwave, … You choose, you break, we clean!! All this while you listening to your favorite tunes! Dress up in our protective gear, choose your weapon and you’re ready to start!

What safety equipment is provided in the Rage Room?

Included in the price is the following protective gear: helmet with visor, Chest and arm protection, gloves, boots and overalls. The use of this equipment is mandatory. And in fact, it looks pretty cool!

Can I create my own theme?

Of course! Yes. We have in some predefined settings (Office, dining room table with pictures) but, if you would like a more precise setting, contact us and we will tailor the Rage Room to your requirements. Prices are adjusted according to each setting. We also have a showcase of on-site objects that can be added to your choice regardless of the menu you choose.

Can I take my own objects to break? 

Of course! If there is something you would like to bring along and destroy, let us know! Would you like to ring along a picture of someone? We’ve got mannequins, where you can tape the picture and let out all of your frustrations!

Whether you are just taking a break from a rough work day, or looking for some fun, we have a variety of options for you to choose from! Prices and programs are for 1 to 2 people – contact us of you are coming in a group!

Let’s break some bottles! 10 bottles included (15eur)

Just 10 bottles? Let’s double that up! 25 bottles included (25eur)

Destroy 10 bottles + 5 assorted items  + 1 electronic piece + 1 beautiful mannequin, with or without a picture of your least favorite person. (45eur)

Nothing can stay intact! Destroy 30 bottles + 1 item of the window + 9 items from dishes to vases and more + complete PC (Tower, monitor, printer and keyboard) + TV +  Mannequin (120eur)

Do it your way! Choose from the items that we have at your disposal – up to 30 euros worth -and design your own setting! You can add extra objects and pay directly on the day.

Oohh … did something break at your house? Did your ex leave any personal items? Bring your articles from home, break it all and we will packed up the shards! The price includes everything you can carry on your own! (20eur + 10eur for extra loading)

We offer programs for groups that foster closeness, sharing of tasks, competition, and also serves as outlet for stress and strain in a way you will never forget!

The programs include different activities and games, the video recordings of your event, protective equipment, drinks and snacks!

Contact us with your request and we will create a special tailor made program for you!

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