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Ria Formosa Boat Trips!

Come and discover the Ria Formosa with us! If you have ever flown into Faro airport you will have seen it laid out before you -a beautiful sight as you come into land. Because we want you to make the most of your stay, we offer a wide variety of boats and boat trips for all ages, so let us know what you would like to see and and do we will recommend the best boat trips for you!

Why book our Boat Trips?

The Ria Formosa is a fascinating area to visit, and our skippers will ensure you get to see the best of the area! We offer short duration boat trips to full day boat trips! Highlights include:

  • Ria Formosa – one of Portugal’s 7 wonders!
  • Sandy deserted islands and natural channels!
  • Traditional fishing and seafood gathering!
  • A wide variety of wildlife!
  • Amazing fauna and flora!

Other options

Would you rather experience something special and different from the norm? What could be even more special than exciting seahorse tours to massages on board a sailboat! Holding a special event and would like something exclusive? Consequently, we offer exciting Ria Formosa sailing charters! Would you like to get away from it all? We’ve got amazing houseboats that sleep 4 people, or our larger houseboat that sleeps 10! Follow the link for more details!

Sailing probably not your thing?

No problem! Another option we can offer are on land activities in the Ria Formosa such as  jeep tours, segway tours, walking tours, cycling, and more!

Finally, we offer fun group and team building packages!

In contrast to normal corporate events, we arrange activities, tours and competitions with the breathtaking scenery of the Ria!

Above all, we want you to have the perfect holiday, so feel free to contact us with your requirements at!

A 1 hour boat trip, with a 15 min. stop at a deserted beach.  The skipper is very knowledgeable in the area and will ensure you see all the best the Ria has to offer. We will provide binoculars and a brochure with local images.

Duration: 1hr

Departure points: Fuzeta, Cabanas de Tavira, Olhao, Santa Luzia

Discover the Ria Formosa Natural Park on our 2h tour with a 30 minutes stop in a interest place (dependent on your departure point).  The skipper will be your guide, giving you precious information about Ria.
We will provide binoculars and a brochure with popular viewpoints.

Duration: 2 hr

Departure points: Fuzeta, Cabanas de Tavira, Olhao, Santa Luzia

Discover idyllic deserted beaches and an unlimited ecosystem in a spectacular 3h tour through the Ria Formosa. The tour has a 30 minutes stop on one of the deserted beaches and another 30 minutes stop in other place of interest. The skipper will be your guide, he’ll give precious information about Ria. Binoculars and a brochure with local images will be provided.

Duration: 3hr

Departure points: Fuzeta, Santa Luzia

Discover and enjoy the diversity of islands, villages and beaches of the Ria Formosa Natural Park in Olhão. Departing at 12:45h from Olhão, this tour goes through the canals to the Barrier Islands that protect the Ria Formosa. On this tour you’ll be able to see the Farol Bar and the Sta Maria Lighthouse in Farol Island, one of the 3 lighthouses in the Algarve. Following our course we´ll make a 1h 30 mins stop for lunch (lunch not included in the price) in Culatra, a fisherman’s vilage with nearly 1000 residents whose main economic activity is fishing. The Island has all the infrastructures you would expect in a normal town; shops, restaurants, school, church, medical office and so on. There´s even a football pitch and it´s own local team! During the break you can go for a nice lunch of fresh fish in one of the typical restaurants or go for a nice pic-nic at the beach.
Afterwards we’ll continue the tour and go to Armona bay and island where we’ll do another stop – this time for 30mins. Then return to Olhão passing close to several tuna factories and to the fishing harbour. This is one of our most complete tours where you have the opportunity to see a larger area of the Ria Formosa and it´s beautifull islands in front of Olhão, that excel by their unique features and beauty.

Duration: 4hr

Departure points: Olhao

On this 4h tour of Ria Formosa Natural Park, we will explore the amazing scneery and wildlife of the area, with a stop for lunch in the village of Santa Luzia, the Octopus Capital. (meal price not included). On this tour, we will focus on the Tavira area of the Ria Formosa, visiting Quatro-Águas (Four Waters) location of an old tuna factory known as Arraial Ferreira Neto, lunch and stroll in the village of Santa Luzia – one of the oldest Eastern Algarve’s fishing villages known as the Octopus Capital – and finally Terra Estreita Beach.

Santa Luzia is a fishing village that specializes in octopus fishing. This and tourism are the main economic activities of the village. The village is renowned for its octopus based dishes, and throughout the village you will find restaurants exclusively dedicated to the confection of octopus. During the stop you can also visit the fishermen’s storage houses, the fish market, the typical houses and narrow streets as well as take a walk along the Ria. After stopping in Santa Luzia we will go toward the Terra Estreita beach, a place of a unique beauty, ideal for a swim or walk along beach.

Duration: 4 hr

Departure points: Cabanas de Tavira

The most complete tour of all, ideal to quietly meet the water channels, the islands, the villages, the fauna and flora of Ria Formosa Natural Park. The skipper’s boat will be your guide, he’ll give precious information about Ria. We will provide binoculars and a brochure with local images.

Highlights include: Fuseta, Culatra Island, Hangares, Farol, Barreta Island,  Salt farms, Bias Tower, Oyster and small clams farms, Ria Beach, Fuseta Island beach, Natural inlet, Homem Nú Beach

Duration: 7hr

Departure points: Fuzeta

Come with us on a tour in the evening by the Ria Formosa and enjoy a fantastic sunset on a paradise Island while you have fun in the clear waters. The tour starts at 6:30pm in Olhão, where we will navigate the water channels of Ria Formosa Natural Park, and stop on a deserted beach next to Armona Bay. Here you can go for a swim in the Ria while enjoying the quiet and charm of the place. We offer you a free bottle of Sparkling Wine to enjoy the sunset and its magical colors fading in the horizon.

Duration: 2hr

Departure points: Olhao

Tour through the Ria Formosa Natural Park in Tavira area with a small stop next to the salt farms to observe the Flamingos that live there. During this tour you will be able to observe the different species of birds that choose the Salinas (salt farms) their shelter area. There is the possibility of seeing Flamingos, Little Egrets, the Whimbrel, Black-Tailed Godwit, the Redshank, Black-Winged Stilt and White Storks, symbolic bird of Tavira City which make their nests on top of the old chimneys of the Tuna Factories that worked there during the 50’s and 60’s.

The skipper’s boat will be your guide and will give you precious information about Ria Formosa and the surrounding area.
We will provide binoculars and a brochure with local images.

Duration: 1hr30m

Departure points: Cabanas de Tavira

The Ria Formosa is home to the largest seahorse community in the world! There are two species in the park; the long-snouted seahorse, hippocampus guttulatus, and the short-snouted seahorse, hippocampus hippocampus. Snorkelling with seahorses allows to to observe these amazing little creatures in their natural habit. The guide will help you spot and identify the seahorses and will brief you so you can snorkel without disturbing the seahorses or their habitat. If you don’t have your own snorkel and mask we can lend you one.

The aim of this cruise is to search for and observe wild dolphins in their natural environment! Hundreds of individual dolphins swim along the Algarvean coast daily. The species we see most frequently are the common dolphin and the bottlenose dolphin, but you might also get to see flying fish, sunfish and sea turtles! Seeing wild dolphins and sea creatures is a thrilling experience and our guide will help you spot and identify them. Binoculars are provided.

Duration: 2hr30min

Departure point: Fuzeta, Olhao, Cabanas de Tavira

We also have available a beautiful, modern sailing yacht that can take a maximum of 5 people plus skipper. It is available for private charters during which you can just relax and enjoy the views or learn the basics from the skipper and have a go at sailing the yacht! If you would like to learn to sail or improve we can arrange sailing lessons!

Duration: 4hr

Departure: Fuzeta

Sailboat Massage

Enjoy a relaxing massage aboard our anchored sailboat in the Ria Formosa Natural Park. With all the surrounding and natural landscape it will be a unique experience! The Ria Formosa is a gift of nature, and it´s a landscape offers peace and harmony. It is in this atmosphere that we provide a special massage service (30min) for two people

This activity will start in Fuzeta, with a short aqua taxi ride down the estuary towards our sailboat anchored at the natural bay of Fuzeta. There you will be handed over to our masseurs – two professionals in the area who are specialized in different types of massage. After this relaxing experience enjoy the amazing calm of the Ria before returning to land. We guarantee you’ll have an unforgettable experience!


Departure: Fuzeta

Romantic Sunset Dinner for Two

Surprise your loved one with a special dinner on an anchored sailboat in one of the lagoons of Ria Formosa.
We provide your transfer to the sailboat (by aqua taxi), where you can taste oysters and other local seafood,  delicious wine and a light dessert for two. After 2 hours we´ll transport you back to land.

Optional: You can choose to have lunch or dinner in a deserted island or on the sailboat.

Duration: 2hr

Departure: Fuzeta

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