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Ria Formosa Tour – Enjoy the beauty of the birds that migrate to the Algarve, along the Ria Formosa landscape. Join us on a tour by Segway, to Ludo, and feel in harmony with nature.

Meeting Points near Faro Island and Quinta do Lago

Duration: 1h30

Price: 40€/pax – minimum 2 pax

Vilamoura Quarteira Tour – Located by the sea, Quarteira and Vilamoura offer an ideal climate year round, with renowned fish and seafoo, diverse local commerce, easy road access and plenty of nightly entertainment. The Quarteira and Vilamoura by the Sea Tour is the ideal choice for anyone who wishes to enjoy a pleasant Segway tour, with a view of the vast ocean and numerous excellent beaches separated by piers.

Meeting Point:  Vilamoura Marina

Aproximate Duration: 1h30

Price: 45€/pax – minimum 2 pax

Faro Cultural Tour – The capital of the Algarve is proud of its lively center, filled with shops, outdoor cafes, bars and restaurants, significant monuments, museums and galleries, not to mention its magnificent old buildings. The Cultural Faro Tour is the ideal choice for anyone who wishes to enjoy a pleasant cultural tour of the city of Faro while riding a Segway. There are many places to visit: Largo da Sé with its enchanting architecture, Paço Episcopal with its magnificent 18th century cathedral, São Pedro Church dedicated to the patron saint of fishermen with its magnificent baroque main altar, the intriguing 18th century Jewish Cemetery, the City’s Archway, constructed at the entrance of a Medieval Castle in the 19th century, the Arabesque Arco de Repouso, among many others.

Meeting Point: center of Faro

Duration: 1 hour

Price: 40€/pax – minimum 2 pax

Faro Island Tour – Enjoy the sea breeze, the wonderful landscape of Ria Formosa and Faro Island and the magnificent sunset on the horizon. It will be and unforgettable romantic experience! The tour is dependent of the tide and it has to be done with low tide. Contact us and we’ll inform of the best time to do your Faro Island Tour

Meeting Point: Faro Island

Duration: 1 hour

Price: 40€/pax – minimum 2 pax

Monchique Mountain Tour – Monchique, often referred to as the Garden of the Algarve, is a mountain region of high environmental quality, pleasant climate and strong traditions. The Serra de Monchique Tour is the ideal choice for anyone who wishes to enjoy a calm and relaxing tour while having fun riding a Segway. In the centre of the city you can enjoy a breathtaking view from the São Sebastião park lookout, visit Monchique Igreja Matriz church dating back to the early 16th century and the Nossa Senhora do Desterro convent. You can also take in the narrow streets of the city, admiring the whitewashed houses with their traditional chimneys, and of course a visit to the handicraft shops. You can also climb to the top of the mountain to Picota or up to Algarve’s highest point above sea level Fóia, from which you can survey the vast landscape that extends from Cabo de São Vicente (St. Vincent Cape) to Serra da Arrábida (Arrábida Mountain).

Meeting Point: Fóia – Monchique

Duration: 2 hours

Price: 65€/pax – minimum 2 pax

Sagres Tour – This picturesque village is situated in the westernmost point of the Iberian Peninsula and from its rugged cliffs you can enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view over the coast. Enjoy this unforgettable tour with an astonishing views over the vast ocean.

Meeting Point: Sagres Fortress

Duration: 1 hour

Price: 65€/pax – minimum 2 pax

Portimao Tour – Portimão is one of the wonderfull cities of the Algarve, planted by the sea. Come and enjoy beautiful scenery along the gazebo, with a privileged view over the river Arade. Ride a Segway inside the new marina, the beach promenade in Praia da Rocha, the lighthouse and pier and also in the top marginal where you’ll know all tourism and landscaping offer that Portimao has for you and your family.


A memorable scenic ride that you will not forget.

Meeting Point: Portimão

Duration: 1h15

Price: 50€/person – minimum 2 pax

Albufeira and Salgados Reserve Tour – The Salgados Area is a wonderful area for nature and animals that come to nidify and mate during the Algarve High Season. You’ll adventure yourself through the brand new wooden walk/cycle areas and inside the marshals of the surrounding nature reserve. The ocean is your backdrop throughout the tour!

Meeting Point: Salgados – Beach

Duration: 1h30

Price: 45€/person – minimum of 2pax

Segways Surf and Oysters Tour – Enjoy an unforgettable tour in the beautiful Faro Island, with surfing and Oyster catching in the stunning Ria Formosa riverside!

Meeting Point: Ludo natural park

Duration: 4h30 to 6h30 depending on the group size

Price: 150€/person – minimum of 2 people

Faro by Night Tour –  We start our Night Tour with a fantastic non-alcoholic cocktail in the most historical, beautiful and acclaimed bar in Faro! The national and international prizes of barmen and barmaids of this super night spot speak for ! After a guided visit to all the city, that we will do our best to be the highlight of your trip, we finish in the same bar for a much deserved alcoholic cocktail!

Meeting Point: Faro center

Duration: 1 hora

Price: 65€/person – minimum 2 pax

Includes a Non-Alcoholic and an Alcoholic Cocktail

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