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Algarve Skydiving!

If you have a head for heights and nerves of steel then you’ll certainly enjoy Algarve skydiving! You can skydive in Portugal all year around! It is also increasingly popular with skydivers from all over Europe who take advantage of the winters that are quite mild!

Enjoy the best Algarve skydiving experience! Undoubtedly the highest skydiving jump in Europe at 15,000ft! Our tandem instructor will give you a 20 minute ground briefing about the the equipment, exiting the aircraft, freefall and landing. 

How does it all work?

Before you  start your adventure, you will receive an on the ground briefing. After this, you are then securely attached to an experienced tandem instructor. After flying up high above the clouds,  you will then exit the aircraft and begin the freefall skydive. 
During this time, you will reach speeds of approximately 200 km per hour! After a few  seconds of free fall the tandem instructor will deploy the main parachute, after which you will begin a relaxing descent under canopy, enjoying spectacular views of the Algarvian Coast. In additiona to our main skydiving packages, we also have more budget friendly options! 

Packages we offer

15,000 Feet

12,000 Feet

10,000 Feet
  • Tandem Skydive at 15,000 feet – the highest jump in Europe!
  • 70+ seconds of free fall
  • Parachute flight over Alvor/Portimao
  • 199eur pp
  • Tandem Skydive at 12,000 feet
  • 30-40 seconds of free fall
  • Parachute flight over Alvor/Portimao
  • 175eur pp
  • Tandem Skydive at 10,000 feet
  • 10-20 seconds of free fall
  • Parachute flight over Alvor/Portimao
  • 149eur pp


  • Handycam Photo or Video – 60€
  • Handycam Photo and Video – 90€
  • External Skydiver plus Handycam – Full Experience 4 cameras, video and photo package – 155€ (Included a Skydiving Gift – Tshirt and Jump Sunglasses/Goggles)
  • Transportation (can also be arranged), photos and video (can also be purchased)
Special group rates are also available upon request!

Is skydiving a bit much for you?

No problem! We offer a variety of in the air activities including:
  • Paragliding – Jump off a cliff and enjoy the tranquility of our paragliding flights!
  • Paramotor – Strap yourself in for a motorized flight like no other! Soar the skies on one of our paramotors!
  • Hot Air Balloon Flights – Hop into one of our hot air balloon baskets and enjoy gliding along the sky!
  • Scenic Cessna Flights – Dream of flying in a cessna aircraft? Come along with us and enjoy spectacular views of coast and land!

Looking to earn a skydiving certification? Contact us for details and prices!

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