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Arrabida Walking Tours

Join our Arrabida Walking Tours Get to know the beautiful Arrabida Natural Park on foot where you can observe the fauna and flora as well as our region’s history and culture. We offer a wide variety of walks for all levels! Prices are as follows:

1 to 4 people – 175 € for the group

5 to 7 people – 30 € per person

7+ people – 15 € per person

Looking for more fun things to do in Arrabida? We offer lots to choose from including kayaking, coasteering, scuba diving and snorkeling, jeep tours, dolphin tours, climbing, mountain biking, adventure activities and even multi adventure packages!

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Dinosaur Trail

A circular route, which begins and ends at the Sanctuary of the Cape Espichel. Not only will our guides point out the amazing fauna and flora of the area, but you will also stop at the dinosaur tracks and learn to identify the three dinosaur tracks from the Jurassic period.

Duration – 3 hours


Fojo Tour

This walking tour takes us to the Fojo hill, which is located between the Arrábida and Risco mountains. We will lead you through magnificent landscapes of cliffs and valleys where native flora is still present. This tour also includes a visit to old and traditional rock (Arrábida marble) and old and abandoned farm houses of Risco at the base of the mountain. Recha d’Arcos Walk – A pedestrian route in the Pinheirinhos Mountain that focuses on the geological and cultural aspects of the Rechã D’Arcs and its surroundings. We will guide you through various underground systems, such as caves and sinkholes, and even visit a wild beach where you can still see an old building that in the past gave shelter to fishermen.

Duration – 3 hours


Marmitas Brook Tour

This tour takes us to the Marmitas (giant pans) Brook that begins in the Mountain of Risco, the tallest limestone marine cliff in continental Europe, through areas rich in oaks and native flora. The Marmitas (giant pans) Brook is truly a geological wonder and sure to be a memorable experience!

Duration – 3 hours


The Whale Route

This walking tour takes us to the eastern part  of Sesimbra, to the Achada mountain where we can see the euphorbia pedroi (endemic specie) and an old lookout spot for whales. From there we will descend to Calhau da Cova, which is an old abandoned port from the prehistoric era.

Duration – 3 hours


Jurassic Trail

The Jurassic Trails is a circular walking tour, which begins and ends in the beach of Foz (Meco) passing by the sanctuary of Cape Espichel. This seaside walking tour will take you along beautiful landscapes and dinosaur tracks, while you learn about the history of Cape Espichel

Duration – 3 hours


Secrets of the Cape

This footpath will take us along the southern and northern surroundings of Cape Espichel. There we can find footprints of dinosaurs, endemic plants (unique in the world) and old forts. We’ll hike through valleys and streams where it’s possible to identify a large number of bird species that take shelter there.

Duration – 6 hours

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