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Azores Bike Tours

On our Azores bike tours you can soar across the highest mountain tops with spectacular views! Pedal through picturesque hill sides and lush valleys! Discover magnificent lakeside paths, little known trails and enchanting, untouched towns! Our mountain bike tours are designed to allow you to explore Sao Miguel’s natural beauty in a fun and eco-friendly way.

We provide transport from Ponta Delgada to the beginning of the trail. This gives you a sneak preview of some of the breathtaking views you will be experiencing on the way back down!

We offer half day and full day tours. We can also offer all inclusive cycling holiday packages, so contact us! Looking for more fun things to do on the islands? check out our directory for fun things to do in Azores!


We offer a wide range of bike trails at different levels of difficulty, with a length about 10 to 15km and lasting about 4 hours each (including travel time and the bike ride). Here are three popular routes that take you through Sete Cidades and Fogo areas renowned for their exceptional beauty. Please contact us with any questions about the right tour for you! 

Azores Bike Tour 1 Along the Shores of the Lakes 
This bike ride takes you along the shores of two famously beautiful lakes: the Verde (green) lake and the Azul (blue) lake. The shores are lined with tranquil woodland and wild flowers in season. From there it is on to the picturesque town of Sete Cidades with its unusual architecture and the 19th century neo-gothic Church surrounded by verdant pastureland. The route also takes in more impressive and interesting places such as the Tunnel, Silence Bay and the Peninsula. It offers fantastic views and is mainly along the flat so it is one of the easiest bike tours and suitable for everyone.
Difficulty: Easy
Distance: Approx. 10 Km
Time: 4h
Location: Sete Cidades

Azores Bike Tour 2 The Mountain Top
This great trail winds along the mountain tops above the renowned Sete Cidades Lakes. This is the largest fresh-water lake in the Azores. It has formed in volcanic craters and is constituted by two lakes (the Green Lake and the Blue Lake) and is a place of outstanding natural beauty. The lakes are set in an unusually bucolic and beautiful environment and this bike tour offers roughly 12km of excitement with some fun challenges and lots of memorable sights.
Difficulty: Medium
Distance: Approx. 12km
Time: 4h
Location: Sete Cidades

Azores Bike Tour 3 Trail to Fogo
The chance to explore little known trails. Beginning at Monte Escuro, we follow trails that are fun and challenging though somewhat difficult at times making it necessary to carry the bike occassionally. As the trail winds through the countryside you’ll pass many interesting places and magnificent scenery. The final destination, Lagoa do Fogo, is one of Sao Miguel’s most breathtaking sites. Set in the crater of an extinct volcano, the huge Fogo lake of clear waters even has its own beach!
Difficulty: Hard
Distance: Approx. 10 Km
Time: 4h
Location: Monte Escuro

Half Day Self Guided Kayaking, SUP and Bike Tour – 30 euros pp

Come explore the west side of São Miguel Island. Sete Cidades lake is one of the most famous and legendary lakes of the island. At our activity centre in the lake shore we have at your disposal our sit-on-top kayaks, our SUP’s (stand up paddle boards) and our mountain bikes so that you can spend some really adventurous moments. This is definitely the best way to enjoy the magical nature of the Azores.

Sete Cidades Full Day Mountain Bike Tour – 65 euros pp

On this tour we explore the west side of São Miguel and the volcanic complex of Sete Cidades. Across a stretch of 25 km, you will have the opportunity to learn about the fauna, flora, history, volcanic formation of the island, and of course, you will hear the legendary love story behind the formation of the lake. Along the route, as we pedal across the rim of the crater, we have superb views over several lakes in the region as well as the adjacent coastline. Lunch is on the shore of the blue lake of Sete Cidades. At the end of the journey we stop in Ferraria where there is a magnificent ocean bathing area, where the salt water is heated from inside a volcanic fissure.

Furnas Full Day Mountain Bike Tour  – 65 euros pp

On this tour we feel and experience the volcanic origins of the Island in Furnas, a magical place. The route begins in Furnas centre and continues along a road that leads to Furnas lake. We start by visiting the Caldeiras da Lagoa das Furnas (Furnas lake calderas), a place where we cook the famous “cozido das Furnas” (a very special meal cooked only with the steam of the Earth). We continue pedaling to pass a stream and circle the lakeside where we will have the opportunity to appreciate a variety of endemic flora species. Then we visit a viewpoint over Furnas town and continue to the town centre where we will be visiting its fumaroles and hot water springs that contain water with different tastes. Afterwards we visit the centenary Terra Nostra botanical garden that is famous for its extraordinary collection of native plants of the Azores, as well as others from all over the world that have adapted to the local garden conditions. At the end of the visit you are invited to bathe in the iron-rich hot water swimming pool that has a temperature of 35-40ºC, an exquisite experience!

Nordeste Full Day Mountain Bike Tour – 65 euros pp

This route starts in Povoação and ends in Nordeste. In the past, all of these trails were used to reach the woods, to fetch branches to provide cattle fodder, to produce charcoal, and to provide a connection to other parishes. We will pedal through pastures, roads flanked by plane trees (Platanus hispanica), valleys and streams. Just before reaching Nordeste the trail enters an amazing forest land – Tronqueira – which is very rich in endemic native species that resemble the forests that existed on the island before the discoverers arrived here. The trip finishes in Nordeste village which is known to be the most flower-rich village in São Miguel. A Picnic lunch is included. By the end of the trip we will be passing through the tea plantation fields (Camellia sinensis) and we will have the opportunity to visit the centenary Gorreana Tea Factory and taste the local tea. This tea plantation is the only one existing in Europe and its organic tea is well known worldwide for its antioxidant properties.

Sete Cidades Full Day Combined Bike and Kayak Tour – 65 euros pp

Let’s explore the west side of São Miguel. Sete Cidades lake is one of the most famous and legendary lakes of the island. We will have time to go down to the bottom of the crater where we can ride a bike and paddle a kayak in the amazing lake of Sete Cidades. This is definitely the best way to enjoy the Sete Cidades environment, feeling the amazing energy and beauty of the place. A picnic lunch is enjoyed on the lake shore. In the afternoon we drive along the south coast and pass by Ferraria where we find a wonderful hot water bathing area that was created by the formation of a small crater and volcanic fissure from which the surrounding ocean water is heated. What a perfect way to end our adventurous day!

Azores Bike Tours

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