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Arrabida Teambuilding Packages!

For a truly memorable event, choose our Arrabida Teambuilding Packages! You are sure to enjoy these team building challenges take place in the Natural Park of Arrábida. Just an hour south of Lisbon, you will find breathtaking scenery and lots of fun activities to choose from! This area is recognized as one of the most beautiful and unspoiled coastal landscapes in Portugal!

Whatever the size of your group, we can arrange the best event! We cater to all group sizes, from small VIP groups and also large companies!

What kind of events can we organize?

  • Teambuilding and Corporate Events
  • Stag and Hen Do’s
  • Birthday or other group celebrations
  • Scout and youth group programs
  • Sports team programs

What kind of activities can be organized?

Our programs are quite varied and some examples include:

  • Treasure hunts
  • Team cooperation games
  • Exciting tours of the Park
  • Adventurous activities on land or sea

We can also arrange everything from transportation, to lunch and dinner! Contact us for a quote!

The Adventure Challenge 

A totally different activity, where your staff will have to give it all in each step! In each of the steps of this challenge, the teams will have different tasks: picking a 4×4 ride, rappelling, canoeing, among others. If you have a very competitive staff at work, we suggest booking them this challenge, and saying no more than to bring sports clothing and a bathing suit!

This is a half day activity but we would also have to allow travel time from Lisbon ( approx. 1 hr each way).


This challenge is designed for the adventurous and competitive! There are 4 different sports that each team will face … an orienteering type challenge on foot, canoeing, caving and mountain biking. The teams start in 4×4 car, with a map in hand and go through the CP’s (Check Points). They must work together quickly to evaluate their skills and decide which members will face each challenge. High This challenge is designed for the adventurous and competitive!  A half day activity.

Beach Olympics 

The Olympic Games are one of the best known symbols of team work and competion and this is the spirit of this event. After dividing into teams, each team must create their own flag, the Olympic torch is lit and then let the games begin! Each team competes at a series of team building games and challenges targetting different skills and gaining points. Depending on the group size and time available possible activities include: canoe orienteering, archery, crazy skis, tug-of-war, snorkelling for treasure, holey bucket, human aqueduct, blind flock and beach volley. The team with the most points overall wins the Olympics.

Score 100 

What is the goal? To reach 100 points before any other team does. How? Through different challenges which the teams combine according to their strategy! This teambuilding activity will   make your staff work together, defining strategies and priorities. An excellent team building challenge that combines navigation, group dynamic games, archery and much more! A half day activity.

Mountain Bike Maker 

The finale of this challenge is a slow race- how slow can you go? Before that though you have to earn each component of the bike with the ‘money’ you earn in several dynamic group games and then you must assemble your own bikes!

4×4 Challenges 

4×4 navigation challenges in which teams will have to navigate through woods, valleys and difficult tracks. With a compass and a map, the teams will have to find all the check points in the least time possible. During the activity, they may also face several challenges including puzzles to solve together.  There are various options available including adding dynamic group games.  A race where time management, teamwork and strategy adopted make all the difference. A half day activity.

Pirate Treasure 

The Pirate Treasure is a fun and challenging activity that involves the search for pirate treasure buried on a wild beach between Sesimbra and Cape Espichel.

Each team will navigate a speedboat following clues and maps to the missing treasure. Only through orienteering, teamwork and a good ability to decipher the clues left by the pirates will the group find the buried treasure chest.

Speed Boat Challenge

Each group is assigned a speedboat and a map of the coast with challenges marked on it. These challenges include both land and water based tasks and some require snorkelling and coasteering. Participants should be able to swim and should be adventurous! A half day activity.

Luxury Beach Party and Pampering 


On one of the most scenic beaches in Portugal, accessible only by boat we can offer your staff an unforgettable treat. From massages to boating, canoeing in the caves to caipirinhas…you will miss nothing with a full day of fun in a uniquely beautiful setting and tasty drinks and nibbles.

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