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Challenge your group to a fun filled competition! You can go Go Karting in various locations of the country! We can also tailor our programs to suit your party’s needs! Why not check out our pages dedicated to

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Are you coming out for a Teambuilding Event? Contact us! We can also arrange fun packages for Teambuilding and Corporate Events!

DEPARTURE TIME Any time pending availability
WHAT TO BRING Sporty and comfortable clothes and shoes

Instructor services



Driver’s insurance (1 euro pp)


Our race track is one hour north of Lisbon, so please feel free to let us know where you will be staying and we can arrange a transfer quote!



15 minutes practice + 15 minutes racing – €35,00 pp


15 minutes practice + 30 minutes racing – €45.00 pp

Gokarting – Just 20 minutes from the center of Porto you can challenge your friends to a Gokarting race! We offer a variety of packages which include

5 minute practice round + 15 minutes racing – 25.00pp

5 minute practice round + 20 minutes racing – 30.00pp

5 minute practice round + 25 minutes racing – 35.00pp

Our Karting center in Almancil has everything you need for the perfect group event! Invite your colleagues, clients, or groups for an adrenaline fuelled activity! We also have on site rides and bar to make your event even more special!

Group Races – 8 to 24 Participants

Weekday Weekend and Holiday
200cc car 390cc car 200cc car 390cc car
10min + 10min 25eur 35eur 30eur 40eur
10min + 20min 30eur 40eur 35eur 45eur
15min + 30min 40eur 50eur 45eur 55eur
15min + 45min 50eur 60eur 55eur 65eur

A true VIP Experience on the race track that hosts many an international event! We can organize a fun filled day for your party including:

Kart Race (30m + 60m) – Enjoy the fun of driving the furious Go Karts with your friends, on one of the most exciting tracks in Europe. Complete 30 minutes of qualifying and one hour race with driver changes in the middle.
Price: 55€ p/Pax

Pit Stop – A great team building exercise that simulates a Pit Stop. Strategy, fun and intense competition is guaranteed in this activity! Price: 30€ p/Pax

Track Exercise – Learn about the track layout and understand its ideal racing line. Your first lap will be beside the instructor as a passenger, before you enjoy laps at the wheel, and always under the instructor supervision. Lap times will be timed to set the fastest
driver. Cars used include AudiTTS/AudiRS3/ Porsche Cayman / Honda TypeR. Price: 165€ p/Pax

Hot Lap – If you’d rather be driven by our professional instructors; they will drive you for 2 “hot laps” at breath-taking speed around the challenging Portimão circuit. An
unforgettable experience for all those who love motorsport. You also have the chance to take home a video of this incredible ride. Cars used include: AudiTTS/AudiRS3/ Porsche
Cayman / Honda TypeR Price: 85€ p/Pax

Race Simulation – Feel the speed and adrenaline of being on the grid waiting for the green light. Sitting alongside one of our professional drivers for two laps you will experience overtakes and high-speed manoeuvers. Cars used include: AudiTTS/AudiRS3/ Porsche
Cayman / Honda TypeR. Price: 90€ p/Pax

Dynamic Control – The objective is to complete the circuit without touching the cones. The track will have areas of low grip to safely simulate a potential extreme real life situation. This exercise will allow the trainee to develop their reflexes, and improve agility and control of the car. This exercise is carried out over one sighting lap and one timed lap. Cars used: Audi TTS
Price: 65€ p/Pax

Super Special “Power Stage” – Drive in a rally tarmac stage scene and beat the record at 2 timed laps around the Kartódromo International track, always with the instructor by your
side. Cars: Audi TTS. Price: 65€ p/Pax

Moose Test – A moose test is a test to determine how a certain vehicle reacts when the driver evades a sudden, unexpected obstacle (such as a moose on the road). This is an excellent exercise that allows you to improve your ability to control the car in an emergency situation that could occur on the road. Two laps at different speeds. Cars: Audi TTS Price: 65€ p/Pax

Drift Control – This is where you get to test and demonstrate your ability to control the vehicle once the grip levels have been exceeded. The objective is to control the skidding car after forcing the vehicle into a skid. Cars: Porsche Cayman. Price: 70€ p/Pax

All prices are subject to 23% VAT tax

Go Karting

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