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March to October
2 to 4 hours

Kayaking Algarve

Join our Kayaking Algarve Tours for the best way to explore the Algarve! Explore cave and rock formations! Get to know the wildlife in the Algarve! Paddle along breathtaking views of the Ria Formosa! Whatever your preference, we have the tour for you!

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This is a three hour kayak tour exploring Lagos’ spectacular coastline. Departing from Lagos beach you’ll have the chance to see the famous and intriguing rock formations up close, observe the local wildlife, discover some amazing secluded beaches and take impressive photographs. The kayaks will be accompanied by a guide. Prices are as follows:

€40 for adults

€32 for children (10 to 15yrs) in front and accompanied by an adult

€10 for children (5 to 9yrs, no taller than 150cm) in the middle of the 3 seater kayak accompanied by 2 adults

Ria Formosa

The two hour trip focusses on the birdlife of the Ria Formosa so you are kayaking in and out of the little channels to observe the birds and learn about them from the guide. This costs €35 per person or €15 for 6 to 10 year olds.

A 4 hr trip gives you time not only to explore the channels but also some of the islands and beaches and costs €45 per person or €20 for 6 to 10 yr olds.

If you are experienced kayakers there is also the option to hire one or more kayaks and go off on your own. Prices per kayak are as follows:

€30 for 2.5hrs

€35 for 4hrs

€45 for 8hrs

The kayaks available are the following models: Rotomod Ocean Duo (for 1 to 3 people), Ocean Quattro (up to 4 people), Tango (solo- a wide kayak so a good choice for bigger built kayakers or those with lots of stuff) or Mambo (solo).


Our kayak tours in Albufeira focus on the cave and rock formations along the coast! These two hour tours are 35eur pp and include all equipment and guide services as well as pictures of your experience!

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