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2 to 8 hours

Built in 2013, this luxury motor catamaran is the ultimate in stylish cruising on the Rio Tejo!

The whole boat was designed to create an ergonomic, fluid environment, where all aboard will feel part of the space that surrounds them and there is plenty of room to relax and mingle.

The 18m x 8m catamaran can welcome up to 145 people onboard with the main deck and large upper deck complemented by the spectacular net at the bow.  It has luxury finishings throughout including comfortable seating and sun lounger areas.

There are two bars with plenty of space for a DJ or live music should you like to plan a party!  The hull was designed for versatility of use with three water accesses, two astern and one at the bow using the ladder, so it’s easy to go for a dip or sit and dangle your legs in the cool water- please note that swimming is only permitted in certain zones due to local legislation. We can arrange water sports and catering so please discuss your requirements with us.

With two low friction hulls, the catamaran glides quietly over the water, making it an ideal venue for a wide range of events from corporate parties to family celebrations.

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