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Join our Madeira Bike Tours! We currently have a wide variety of fun bike tours available for 65 eur pp and we require a minimum of 2 to 4 participants to schedule a tour:


Portela – Fajã dos Rolos

We drive to Fajã dos Rolos, where our bike tour today starts. It goes on trails in short, steep sections through laurel and eucalyptus forests. Along the Levada da Serra do Faial it goes back to Caniço de Baixo.

⌚ +/- 4 hrs. ⟷ +/- 50,4 km ↑ +/- 779 hm ↓ +/- 1137 hm


Portela (easy tour)

Our Tour begins in Vale Paraíso and take us then more or less 18 km along the Levada da Serra do Faial. Then head up to the Boca do Risco, where you have a wonderful view of the coast. Via Portela, you will go on a forest and small roads to Machico. Here is time to stop until the transfer bus pick us up again.

⌚ +/- 4 hrs. ⟷ +/- 47,5 km ↑ +/- 345 hm ↓ +/- 645 hm


Paul da Serra – Ribeira da Janela

(from 4 people) – Our tour begins on Paul da Serra, the only high plateau of Madeira. Here we have fantastic views to the valley of Ribeira Brava and São Vicente and the Central Massif. We ride under laurel trees that are several hundred years old. Then follows the descent to Ribeira da Janela. .

⌚ +/- 4 hrs. ⟷ +/- 37,6 km ↑ +/- 605 hm ↓ +/- 1738 hm



The minibus takes us to Camacha. We drive along the Levada da Serra do Faial, one of the longest levadas of Madeira, until Monte. Passing beautiful gardens, we cycle through the old town of Funchal and continue to Câmara de Lobos, one of the picturesque fishing villages in Madeira. Return via Funchal to Caniço de Baixo. In Funchal, we must make another sharp climb.

⌚ +/- 4 hrs. ⟷ +/- 52 km ↑ +/- 897 hm ↓ +/- 1627 hm


Pico Arieiro

The transfer bus takes the bikers to the Abrigo do Pastor at about 1000 m. From there, we continue steadily uphill through the ecological park to the third highest summit of Madeira, the Pico Arieiro with 1818 m. The view is fantastic and the descent compensated. With view from Funchal, through downhill passages, trails and Levadas we cycle back to Caniço de Baixo.

⌚ +/- 4 hrs. ⟷ +/- 42,4 km ↑ +/- 1008 hm ↓ +/- 2003 hm



Our tour begins in Guindaste and we cycle uphill until we reach the Levada do Caldeirão Verde. Following this Levada we pass through the Parque Florestal das Queimadas. On our tour, we have many viewpoints with beautiful views. After a short visit of the “Casas de Colmo” in Santana, our path leads downhill along the first path that connects all the villages of Madeira to the sea.

⌚ +/- 4 hrs. ⟷ +/- 30,4 km ↑ +/- 1073 hm ↓ +/- 1104 hm


São Jorge

Our tour starts at Achada do Felpa. On forest and forest paths under laurel and eucalyptus trees, it goes to 837 meters with a view of the mountains of Madeira and again on the coast up to São Jorge.

⌚ +/- 4 hrs. ⟷ +/- 27,1 km ↑ +/- 625 hm ↓ +/- 1081 hm


Chão da Lagoa

Our tour starts at “Terreiro da Luta”, from where we can enjoy a magnificent view over São Gonçalo. From here, we continue steadily uphill to the “Montado do Pereiro” through the “Parque Ecológico do Funchal” and continue to the top of “Chão da Lagoa” on trails. The way to “Pico do Suna” is a technical challenge for bikers. We will be compensated by the trip along the “Levada da Serra do Faial” and a rapid descent to Caniço de Baixo.

⌚ +/- 5 hrs. ⟷ +/- 55,5 km ↑ +/- 1171 hm ↓ +/- 1915 hm


Paul da Serra – Jardim do Mar

(from 4 people) – We start on the high plateau Paul da Serra. Spectacular views, arid landscapes and the beautiful high moor await us. Then it gets down across forest paths to Jardim do Mar to the south coast of Madeira. From here the minibus takes us back.

⌚ +/- 4 hrs. ⟷ +/- 40,7 km ↑ +/- 596 hm ↓ +/- 749 hm


Chão dos Terreiros – Trompica

The minibus takes us to “Quinta Grande”. From here we will go through Terreiros, Lugar da Serra and Fontes, before the difficult climb to the “Chão dos Terreiros” (1436 m) begins. The summit offers unique views. Our tour continues in direction of Boca da Corrida, past Jardim da Serra, a detour to Cabo Girão and ending in the bay of Câmara de Lobos, a picturesque fishing village. With the minibus, we go back to Caniço de Baixo or cycle back to Caniço de Baixo.

⌚ +/- 4 hrs. ⟷ +/- 38,7 km ↑ +/- 1265 hm ↓ +/- 1899 hm


Looking for an all inclusive cycling holiday? Contact us with your requirements and we will send you a tailor made program! Looking for more fun things to do on the island? Have a browse through our directory!

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