All ages welcome
2 hours to 3 weeks
Algarve, Lisbon


Join us for paragliding in Portugal! On a tandem paragliding flight you are driven to the top of the hill/cliff. Here you get kitted up with your helmet and harness. The instructor then prepares the paraglider so that it catches the wind and lifts up into the sky and it is fun floating gently over the landscape. The flight lasts around half an hour before the instructor guides the paraglider gently to the ground.
Flights cannot be booked early, but if you contact us with your holiday dates and location where you will be staying, we would be more than happy to keep in touch with you and confirm flights during your stay!

START TIME Dependent on wind conditions
END TIME Dependent on wind conditions.
WEAR Comfortable athletic clothing and shoes (no sandals or flip flops!)


Additional information

LocationsLisbon and Algarve

Flight locations range from the following:

Praia Grande (Sintra), Costa da Caparica, Sesimbra, Arruda dos Vinhos, Praia de Santa Rita (Torres Vedras), Ericeira

All ages are welcome, though there is a 110kg weight limit for paragliding in Lisbon

Prices are as follows:

20 minute flight – 50 euros

30 minute flight – 70 euros

Flight locations range from the following:

Loule, Praia da Falesia (Albufeira), Monchique, Praia de Porto de Mos (Lagos), Praia da Cordoama (Vila do Bispo)

All ages are welcome, though there is a 130kg weight limit for paragliding in Lisbon

Prices for 30 minute flights is 70 euros

Course Description  

1ª phase – Iniciation Ground handling, small altitude flight

Duration:3 to 4 days

Price: 400 €

Theorical lessons:
Technical names of the material
Basic knowledge of arodinamics and local winds
Pratical lessons:
Front and reverse ground handling
Take-off and landing  technique

2ª phase – Evolution Higher level flights

Duration:4 days

Price: 200 €

Theorical lessons:
Legislation and rules of the air
Pratical lessons:
Flights from high altitude
Flight plan
Initiation to dinamic lift flight

3ª phase – Autonomus pilot Dinamic lift flight

Duration:4 a 5 days

Price: 100 €

Theorical lessons:
First aid
Flight incidents

Practical lessons:
Long duration flights
Tecnique of “top landing”.
Precision landing, emergency manouvers
The course is taken in 3 phases. During the course the flights are done with radio instruction. At the end of the course, the student must pass a written exam to obtain the Portuguese flying license (level 3 international licence – IPPI Card level 3).
Included in the course price is:
– All the practical and theoretical lessons
– All the equipment and materials
– Manual
More details
– Students must obtain a learning license via the school as well as 2 insurances (personal injuries and third part liability (35 € + 85 €).
– The course can be lectured in English as all our instructors are fluent in English!
– The duration of the course may vary as it is dependent of the weather – we recommend you are here for a minimum of 2 to 3 weeks (minimum) to complete each phase.
– The age limits are 16 and 65.

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