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Porto Skydiving

If you have a head for heights and nerves of steel then I dare you to go Porto skydiving! You can skydive in Portugal all year around and it is increasingly popular with skydivers from all over Europe who are happy to take advantage of the mild winters!

We currently offer skydives in Braga which is about a 45 minute drive from Porto and can also be reached by public transport. The  tandem diving instructor will give you a 15 minute ground briefing on the equipment, exiting the aircraft, freefall and landing. You are then securely attached to an experienced tandem instructor with a 4-point harness system, prior to boarding the aircraft. After climbing to 15 000 feet you will exit the aircraft and begin the freefall skydive during which you will reach speeds of approximately 140km per hour. After approximately 60 seconds of freefall the tandem instructor will deploy the main parachute and you will begin a relaxing descent under canopy during which you can enjoy spectacular views of the country, Our skydive packages include:

5000mt Tandem dive – €225 pp

4000mt Tandem dive- €199 pp

3000mt Tandem dive – €139pp

Couple´s tandem – €380 per couple

Group dive (+6px) – €175 pp

Video: €70, photos €50, video and photos €90.

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