All Year
3 to 4 hours

The event consists of an orientation game in teams exploring one of the most beautiful and interesting areas of Lisbon – Belém – famous as the spot from whence the ancient sailors started their long voyages to discover the New World.


There will be 6 different areas of games, tasks and activities, as well as questions to answer.

Each team will be allocated to each area for a period of 30 minutes (including the transitions). The games will be replicated in order to be possible to host all the teams. The goal is to win the most points possible.

Points are achieved by:

  • finding spots marked on a map
  • answering questions of cultural and historical nature or/and questions provided by the client)
  • performing tasks and games located on some of these spots (the tasks and games will be of different natures including enigmas, brain-teasers, sports and gastronomy- see below)
  • Each team will receive one first location to find and the remaining are to be reached according to the team’s strategy.
  • The participants of each team have to remain together at all times except otherwise stated by the rules and by the guides in the tasks/games.
  • No pre-requisites are needed to participate in this team building game. In some tasks and games, the team will have to elect the participant(s) that will represent the team.
DEPARTURE TIME From 9:00am to 4:00pm
RETURN TIME Approximately 10:30 AM.
WEAR Comfortable athletic clothing, hiking boots, hat, jacket and sunscreen.
 All equipment and guide services, insurance
NOT INCLUDED Transportation (can be arranged)


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