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You are invited to retreat to a small old valley farm nestled in the remote and picturesque foothills of the Serra de Estrela mountain range, Central Portugal. From March til October, you can spend a week here on the edge of wilderness, in the beautifully restored home, close to a small traditional village. Practice yoga daily, walk in the forest, swim and mud bathe in rivers, breath mountain air, eat deliciously, sleep deeply… retreat. This warm invitation is open for everyone, travelling alone or with friends, new to yoga or practicing for decades. But it’s particularly for those in need of a break. That’s why a health consultation, massage and acupuncture treatment is included in the price.

Prices range from 900€ in shared cottage or tipi or 1200€ for private room or soulpad.

Daily Schedule

Sunday afternoon arrival from Lisbon at 5pm or from Porto at 8.30pm. Sundays are just to arrive, settle into your accommodation, meet the team and the others on your group and have dinner together.

Monday to Friday

7.30am Kitchens open for tea, fresh fruit and nuts

8am Silent led meditation walk through the forest

8.30am Yoga 2 hour class with your teacher for the week

10.30am Big breakfast, a variety of delicious rice and grain porridges, fruit salads, toasted seeds, local honey and freshly squeezed juices

11.30am Free time / massage treatments / swimming / walking

2pm Large nutritious lunch

3pm More free time / massage treatments / swimming / walking

5pm Yoga classes/workshops

7pm Light evening meal

One afternoon in the week we head off to the nearby Rio Zêzere for a wild swim and mud bath weather permitting.

Friday evening party with music and dancing

Saturday check out 7am for 8am coach to Porto or Lisbon.

  • All food, accommodation and facilities
  • Transport to and from our retreat (from local train or bus station)
  • Guided silent morning walks in the forest
  • 5 Morning Yoga Classes
  • 4 Afternoon Sessions exploring the Bandhas and Meditation, guided Shavasana and Partner Yoga
  • Half hour private health consultation
  • One hour Body Harmonising massage – Thai, Tui Na, Indonesian, Ayurvedic and/or Acupuncture
  • A mid week trip to the Rio Zêzere for a mud bath and swim (weather permitting).
  • Additional treatments available from our therapists from 80€ per 90 minutes
NOT INCLUDED Flights and transportation to Serra da Estrela


Moving the body with awareness and experiencing the rhythmic breath allows us to move into a state of ease, space and a willingness to surrender. We naturally release from tension as we witness the transformation of doubt, agitation and stagnant energy when we embrace yoga as a life practice. This retreat will focus on how we can use our yoga practice to expand our center, to live with steady ease, to create the platform for more skillful action in all aspects of our life. Drawing on philosophy, nature, creativity and human experience Tashi encourages the group to creatively explore their experience of yoga.

Dates: 18-24 March; 25, 31 March; 1-7 April

Here in the Portuguese hills, we’ve become much more aware of the impact the natural elements have on our daily lives. Living in houses bermed out of rocks and earth, breathing crystal clear mountain air, surrounded on all sides for miles by the wood of the forest, drinking pure spring water and swimming in natural rivers pools, warmed by the fire of the sun in the sky. Within this wilderness environment, the effects of 5 Element and Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture with Daily Yoga Practice have been profound.  Enhancing what a spell in nature so easily provides; that wonderful sense of wellbeing through harmony.

Rising early for guided silent morning walks will improve your circulation and boost your Qi. Daily yoga practice will ignite Fire through the heart, further stimulating blood circulation. Hearty vegetarian meals will strengthen your Earth energy and help build muscular endurance challenged through your yoga practice.  Swimming in the pools on a hot summer’s day will calm and tonify the nervous system fostering mental clarity, as will the mid-week mud bath in the Rio Zêzere.

Dates: 8-14 April; 15-21 April; 10-16 June

More details coming soon!

Dates: 22-29 April; 2-8 September

The hectic pace of life for many of us these days asks a lot of our ‘head’. Getting caught up in our thoughts can make life difficult, it moves us away from our true selves and we might even forget what we really want in life. Instead of nourishing these restless thoughts, we invite you to open and listen to your heart. Maybe suddenly life is not so confusing anymore.

This week, music and nature will lead us the way. As music touches the soul, we will flow our yoga practice on inspiring vibrations. We will become aware of our breath and how it influences our being. Away from our daily routine, out in the beautiful natural landscape of this valley in Portugal, with nourishing food and therapeutic massage, let’s flow!

Dates: 29 April –  5 May; 29 July – 4 August; 12-18 August

Enjoy moving and stretching your body in vinyasa yoga classes in the morning, while in the afternoon find balance in yoga poses with someone else (partner yoga), rest in stillness with yin yoga and / or sing mantras to beautiful melodies. Discover the beautiful myths of the yoga postures and flow your practice on inspiring vibrations.This week we’ll draw inspiration from various yoga scriptures and explore how we can translate the ancient yoga teachings into something practical in our daily lives. Fleur invites you to discover and deepen your understanding so that you may learn to practice yoga in its fullest sense, anywhere, anytime. It provides us with a foundation to live in harmony with ourselves and the world around us.

Dates: 6-12 May; 5-11 August

Refresh your mind and body with this deeply nourishing week of yoga and pilates with Vonetta and Hannah. A week of practice and rest to allow some of the stresses of modern life to dissolve a little in our welcoming, warm and nurturing environment.

Vonetta will lead daily morning Dynamic ashtanga-vinyasa practice including sun salutations, standing and balancing postures and inversions.

In your afternoon Pilates workshops with Hannah, find ways to check in with the sensations and intelligence of your body. Hannah will encourage you to listen to your body, working and resting when needed at whatever level feels right for you. Through a precise and centred flow of movement you will feel your hips have opened, your core has awakened, your spine has lengthened and aligned, and your movement is made with more intent and composure.

Everyone is welcome whatever your experience of Yoga or Pilates.

Dates: 20-26 May

We are looking forward to welcoming our friend Nerina to this special retreat in May. It is a great opportunity to escape from our daily habits that prevent good sleep and learn how bad daytime habits such as: skipping breakfast, running on adrenaline, being permanently connected, alcohol, sugar and caffeine, all create barriers to quality, restorative sleep at night.  The daily routine at Vale de Moses of morning yoga classes with Vonetta, nutritious food, hill walking, river swimming with massage and acupuncture treatments will help reinforce the sleep-inducing habits that Dr Ramlakhan will teach us during her afternoon workshops.

We spend roughly a third of our lives sleeping but this magical process is still a mystery.  On this sleep/yoga retreat you will learn about: Why we sleep?  How should we sleep?  Busting myths and misconceptions. Your unique relationship with sleep. Sleep, technology and nature. How sattvic (pure) sleep heals mind, body and spirit. Sleep and the retreat experience. The secrets of the Sleep Whisperer – tools for getting sattvic sleep and amazing vitality in your everyday life. What to do when you get home – taking your retreat experience back into your everyday life.

Dates: 27 May – 2 June

This is special retreat combining morning yoga classes and afternoon Thai massage sessions.

In the morning classes, Peter will teach and share insights into how his own personal yoga practice has strengthened and softened his body to enable him to treat and massage thousands of people over the last 15 years.

Afternoon Thai massage sessions will lead you on an adventure of exploring the whole body from feet to head. Discover new ways to be moved and move others to restore your bouncy body and engage with your mellow mind. Move around the body skilfully for maximum gain, with minimum effort. Powerful yet sensitive, the tools of Thai massage when applied effectively will improve joint mobility, lengthen muscles, reduce tension and calm the mind. Develop and establish skills to care for your friends, your partner, your family and put smiles on their faces.

Dates: 3-9 June

The magical and restorative powers of the mountains will provide you with the perfect backdrop to unwind and feel nurtured, whilst the fusion of yoga and Pilates classes will help you to reconnect to your center and feel physically and mentally realigned, revitalized and rejuvenated. You will be invited to breathe deeply and peel back the layers of tension and residue to deliver you sweetly back to yourself and your true nature.

This week will celebrate the similarities and differences between yoga and Pilates. Morning yoga practices will be breath initiated, mindful and flowing. At times we’ll go slow and keep it simple and soothing and other times we’ll pick up the intensity with some deep and strong poses. You will be encouraged to journey inside and explore your own felt sense awareness to facilitate presence and connection to yourself and discover freedom, clarity and joy.

In our afternoon Pilates workshops we will explore what ‘core’ really means and learn how to move from our center whilst experiencing first hand the trans formative power that this has in enhancing our yoga practice, making it safer, more powerful, graceful and fluid.

All are welcome and no previous experience of yoga or Pilates is required.

Dates: 19-25 August

In this advanced yoga retreat we will flow our practice to inspiring music during the daily dynamic morning classes. The focus will be on building a strong connection between breath and movement, which prepares the body and mind to try the more complex yoga poses. Arm balances, deep hip and heart openers and more sophisticated standing balancing sequences.

In the afternoon we will explore inversions and advanced poses in a series of workshops learning how to move into a pose step-by-step, ask questions and help each other to come into a pose by giving and receiving support. Other afternoon sessions involve Q & A and conversations about yoga philosophy and Hindu mythology. What do those principles mean to us and how do we translate them into something practical and relevant for us in our daily lives. Sing mantras on beautiful melodies and discuss the meanings of those mantras.

This week provides the perfect circumstances for you to focus on your yoga practice, allowing you to take it to the next level. Everyone is welcome, although if you are new to a yoga practice you may feel more comfortable at one of Fleur’s other retreats.

Dates: 26 August – 1 September

We spend a lot of time looking outwards, our minds occupied with distractions of the modern world, which at times can be overwhelming, leaving us to feel weary and depleted of energy…This retreat invites you to withdraw from these distractions, supported by the beautiful and peaceful surroundings of the Portuguese hills, nourished by wholesome and nutritious food, Mary will guide you though a week of yoga asana, breath-work and guided meditation with the intention to encourage self-awareness, self-compassion and create more inner space for yourself, that you can take on your onward journey.

Everyone is welcome, whatever your experience of yoga may be

Dates: 2-8 September

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